How to properly clean chrome surfaces around your home

Almost any kitchen and bathroom these days utilises the sophisticated addition of shinny stainless steel to interior and appliances. These add a stylish and luxurious touch to our home environment which we all love however, if stainless steel surfaces are not cleaned properly on a regular bassi we will soon end up with ugly water & grease marked appliances and surfaces that look neglected. The problem with shinny metal surfaces is that they stand out a lot when they are not being looked after, your guests will definitely not be impressed. The good news is that they are so easy to maintain once you get in to the habit of doing so! We have partnered up with a commercial cleaning company from Dublin named Need to Clean to reveal some excellent advice for your stainless steel cleaning.

The best way to start cleaning any shinny chrome surface is to simply start by wiping it with warm water and a good cloth. Once you have done that go ahead and use any window or glass cleaner that you have in the house and a wipe any marks off those surfaces with a kitchen towel. Kitchen towel tends to work exceptionally well when dealing with shiny surfaces simply because you do not want to be polishing with a greasy cloth. You just wipe piece by piece at a time and bin the used kitchen towel without risk of doubling your work.

For tougher grease stains that are giving your trouble and didn’t come out with the warm water wipe you should go ahead and use dishwasher liquid and warm water to handle those. A good tip after you have done washing those off with your soap water is to use a kitchen towel to polish them going with the grain of the steel. This will help you a lot with saving time to achieve that shinny chrome finish on your appliances and surfaces. You can usually see the grain of the metal very easily if you shine some light on it close by. Make sure you are as thorough as possible when drying the surfaces because any small bit of water or soap not wiped will leave an ugly mark within a few hours.

What not to do when cleaning chrome surfaces around your home

Now that we have discussed what you should be doing to properly maintain the cleanliness of your shiny surfaces and appliances we should mention what NOT TO DO in case you get any bad ideas. Whatever you decide to do never ever use steel wool or metal brushes to clean these shiny surfaces, you will damage the look and its outer coating which will result in ugly marks and probably rust developing. Steel wool and bleach are two of the most fierce enemies to any stainless steel surface and should be avoided at all costs. You should read the label of any cleaning product you plan on using and make sure it does not contain any bleach, it will most certainly damage the outer layer of the metal.

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