The Secrets to Successful Skip Hire in Dublin – Tutorial

It may be a surprise to you but there are about 7 million skips being hired in Ireland every year, most of it is in Dublin residential areas. We are not even counting the commercial sector here, this will give you a pretty good idea of how big this business actually is. All you have to do is open up google or yellow pages and go to waste management section, you will see at least a few dozen skip container companies offering their services to you. So now the question is, how do you know what their service is like before you go ahead and try one of these companies?

Personally, I have had good experiences with skip companies and I have had bad experiences. I suppose that is normal for any business and it to be expected, you see I tend to try a different company every time instead of sticking to the same one. It just gives me a chance to find someone better ever time i use the service!

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However, this led to some bad experiences just like I anticipated. Some companies had funny ways of handling their business and client requests in areas I surely did not expect, for example I had folks refusing to give me a price during a phone call for whatever reason. I had companies not being able to tell me what time they will deliver the skip and refusing to tell me when the would pick it up from me. I also had some companies who would only take a cash payment to the driver, naturally a receipt or Invoice is out of the question here.

So, how can you tell which waste management companies are worth while dealing with and which ones are not? Unfortunately unless you have used them before or can get a recommendation from a friend you just don’t know. The truth is that almost anyone can start a skip hire company with a container and a truck to carry it, throw up and add for you to see and just collect the money. It is highly likely that someone like that is not disposing of your waste in a proper manner and is most likely fly-tipping it somewhere.

Skip bag companies are not being regulated as of right now, so fly-tipping is a bit of a problem all over Ireland. Of course there are good companies that do care where the waste is going and they usually have their own waste transfer stations and make sure most of your waste gets recycled as much as possible. You should definitely confirm this with a company you are considering hiring.