Common Steel Banding Applications

Steel branding is commonly used to firmly hold items to poles. However, it’s also used in several applications. Industries that manufacture gases & oils, chemicals and foods & beverages find these applications very useful. Municipal signage, constructions as well as telecommunication companies also utilize these applications.

Unlike traditional fasteners, the Steel Banding provides numerous advantages. The most common known application is chemical usage. During this process, steel banding is connected to chemical steel pipes of different sizes. The steel is used during chemical operations because it can withstand high temperatures as well as resistant to wears. The second application is commercial constructions. Since the steel is very strong and thus can be used in air-conditioning including heating systems. Another great advantage is that steel can be made in any shape and therefore builders don’t have to use brackets or other fasteners.

During power generation, steel banding is applied. Steel is a good conductor of electricity and therefore very useful for power plants. Initially, municipal workers mainly used bolts and nuts to attach signals to poles in the street. This is no longer being used because steel banding is more advantageous. It is resistant to corrosion, ultraviolet rays and therefore can be used in areas where there is extreme sunlight.