About Daneplast

All About Daneplast

Daneplast is a company that specialises in plastic injection moulding and creating tools from plastic. They are able to supply a variety of plastic products for various industries and offer various other services that will aid you in your plastic injection moulding and tool making.

The other services that you also find on the Daneplast website are design advice, plastic injection moulding and tool making. They can help you with the design of the product and will work within the budget that you have to create what you need. They work on the design from an economic perspective. Daneplast has 21 years in the trade and know how important it is to get the injection moulding tool right as mistakes can be costly. Plastic moulds help to ensure that the product you are looking for will come out as the design that you have specified.

Daneplast have many machines that can facilitate 50 to 100 tonnes, which means they are equipped to either do small mouldings or large mouldings and will facilitate from the design stages to the finishing stages.